Dear Reader
I have been thinking about starting this blog for a while.
My posts will be of various topics, some business-related, but also other topics that come into my mind.
I hope you will find my posts inspiring, useful and that they give you some sort of basis for entering your own reflection mode.
For many of us, work-life balance is a fine line that requires us to plan accordingly.
Time spent on reflection brings out our creative side, which can be valuable for problem-solving.
I think it is important to prioritize time for reflection, sit down, and let your mind wander.
Please feel free to leave a comment, which is highly appreciated.
Oslo, May 2020

The four freedoms

I find President Roosevelt inspiring. Roosevelt was genuinely interested in human rights in a broad sense. His speech during the second world war, which he held in 1941 is still very relevant. The speech is also known as the “Four freedoms speech”: 

-Freedom of speech
-Freedom of worship
-Freedom from want
-Freedom from fear

Freedom should not be taken for granted, not today, not tomorrow, and not in the future. We should also be reminded that freedom, unfortunately, is something everyone in the world has.

Ocean of peace and communication

Today I would like to share some information about Dalai Lama. I will quote some words of wisdom from the current Dalai Lama and also write briefly about communication.

Today I learned that Dalai Lama is not necessarily a specific person, but the title of a spiritual leader. I have no intention to express any views about Tibet. The current Dalai Lama`s name is Lhamo Thondup, and he is the 14th Dalai Lama. The term Dalai Lama means “Ocean of peace”. As you might have noticed, I wrote about freedom yesterday. Both freedom and peace are closely connected, in my point of view. I think it is fear to say that peace can bring freedom, and freedom can bring peace?

The current Dalai Lama (14th) quoted:
“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen you might learn something new”.

To develop our skillset to become better at listening, we can apply the technique of active listening. There is plenty of information out there for how we can train ourselves to become better at it.

As many of you probably already know. The term communication comes from the Latin word “communicare”, which can be translated into “to share”. We communicate and share information all day long, in all sorts of ways, one of them is non-verbal, for example, eye contact, posture, and how we move our body.

Personal finance – know your numbers

To be able to get a bird’s view of your financials it is crucial to start right at the beginning. Firstly get an overview of your income before diving into your actual spending. Finding the right balance is sometimes difficult.

Maybe you are spending more than you are aware of? Maybe you already know where you are able to cut costs. In order to do something about it: -You will have to know your numbers. The good news is, numbers usually never lie and you can make an adjustable plan for how to cut back on unnecessary spending.

The next step is to draft up a budget reflecting your very own situation. It does not have to be “fancy” or advanced. My recommendation is to always prioritize to save some money every month. It does not matter how much you save. Just simply prioritize to save, trust me it will boost your motivation. 

Maybe you need some help to get control over your personal finances? I am here to help, my goal is to give you a head start.

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